About Us


We're two brothers, who started in a barn with a dream. Our late father was a skilled carpenter, who left behind a legacy of wonderfully crafted furniture and an ideology of  a sustainable life.

We handcraft our pieces with a devotion to quality and sustainability. 

All of our lumber is rescued from the deep northern farm lands of Michigan. This gorgeous native wood, which would normally be burnt after clearing land, is rescued and milled into lumber. This is the lumber from which we craft all of our pieces.

When we aren't working, we can usually be found rebuilding our vintage motorcycles, making music, cultivating our communal organic farm, or drinking some of the Mitten's finest brews. 

Our Goal

Benchdog Studio, strives to provide custom woodwork that is unique, handcrafted, and affordable. 

We devote time and attention to each piece, and  want you to be 100%  satisfied with our work. 

Contact us with comments, questions, or concerns.